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Ben Fund Bonanza returns to Leicester
Redcar event cancelled
Redcar the venue for Bonanza 10 on 7th October
Ricky signs up for the Bonanza
Thursday 16th February 2017
by Mike Hunter
Ricky Wells will be the first Edinburgh rider in action in the UK this summer because he will be riding in the Ben Fund Bonanza at Ashfield on Sunday 12th March.
Ricky is in California at the moment but he has added the Bonanza to his plans. "It's my first ever one believe it or not! They haven't asked me before. I was going to do a practise session with Brian Karger in Italy. Last season Brian staged it in France, but it was rained off so I went all that way then turned around and came home again.

"I was going to Italy but it makes more sense to come to the Bonanza at Ashfield. I'll probably also do the first meeting at Berwick. Riding in meetings is better than just practising - You do a bit of practising and you do OK, you think you're ready but then when you get to the tapes for your first race and it's different, you're nervous."

"I'm happy to do it of course, you never know when you might have to call in the Fund. Thankfully so far I haven't had to.

"I like riding Ashfield, I think the only reason some riders don't like going there is that in recent times anyway Glasgow have had strong teams, particularly their top three."

Obviously an Edinburgh rider was wanted for the event to give additional incentive for fans from the east to attend, but as it turns out both Sam Masters and Erik Riss seem likely to be out of the country on that date unless then can change their plans.

The American star has moved from Workington to Edinburgh this winter, and returns to this country at the beginning of March. "I fly to Manchester on the first, get there at 8am on the second. Then I travel up to Scotland to meet John Campbell. I've got a lot of stuff to organise! I'm renting a house at Cockermouth near Workington so I have to go and sort all that out, buy all the stuff you need for a house, then sort the bikes out.

"Everything's so far away! All my bikes and workshop are in Wolverhampton which is four hours away, and I've got stuff in Derby. At least after the Ben Fund I have a week off.”

Ricky has had a globetrotting winter, visiting family in New Zealand, then staying with Mason Campton in Australia where he rode in the Jason Crump meeting. Then it was over to the States and a successful meeting at Perris Raceway.
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