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Ben Fund Bonanza returns to Leicester
Redcar event cancelled
Redcar the venue for Bonanza 10 on 7th October
David Howe returns!
Thursday 2nd March 2017
by Mike Hunter
There's a change in the lineup for the Ben Fund Bonanza (Ashfield, 12th March) and it is a comeback to action for former Tiger David Howe who steps into the field to replace Ty Proctor, who won't be over from Australia in time for the meeting.
David last rode in 2015 for Glasgow but had to pull out after a few weeks. He explains what has led to this surprise return. "There was nothing in my mind until September last year. Once I realised I'd come to a place where I needed to step away, I kind of put all my feelings in this little metaphorical box. If you tell yourself enough, you believe it don't you?

"More than a year went by, and I was just helping out the ACU at the European Grasstrack Championships. I was on the start line, helping Andrew Appleton, and for a split second I thought 'I wish I was on the start line!'

"The box was opened and it went from there. It was seriously only planned to doa very small grasstrack comeback, just do a few club meetings, but within the week that changed.

"It kind of snowballed but still speedway wasn't on the cards at all, just a few longtracks. I had a ride recently just to get race fit, but it appears that time heals mental and physical ills, because I felt like a slightly older version of the David from years ago!

"It wasn't so much the body had healed enough, I think the brain had. You can overcome physical injuries but it's very difficult to overcome a mental one until it's ready.

"I had such a good time riding the bike, I was enjoying it and having fun, so I thought well, if this is the case, I can't put it off. I don't want to look back in five years and say I wish I'd done it, and it's kind of taken off from there. I'm having another slide on Sunday and very much looking forward to it.

David is happy that he is able to help the Ben Fund by joining the field for the Ashfield meeting. "The Ben Fund have helped me throughout my career, and that's the reason I contacted Paul last
week. I know what it's like running a meeting, people think it's easy to get 16 riders together at one time but it isn't. So I said, if you need someone at the last minute, I'll do it.

"If I can go there and have a reasonable meeting, score a couple of points, I'll be happy. It's a decent lineup, but it may put me in the shop window and also loosen me up for the other meetings I do have in March.

"I'm doing Simon Lambert's meeting, that was the one meeting I always planning to do because he asked me, and I'm doing the meeting at Redcar. That gives me the opportunity to prove to myself and others that I can still do it.

"If something comes in Speedway then fantastic, I'll be ready, if it doesn't then I'll carry on with my plans as they were.

"It would be nice to show the Glasgow fans that I am better than I was the few weeks I rode for them. I shouldn't have been there, the club were fully aware of how I was but we hoped a change of environment would do the trick. It would be nice to go and meet the fans and management again because they were brilliant."

There is one further name to be announced for the Bonanza, and that will be revealed by Paul Ackroyd on Sunday.

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