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Ben Fund Bonanza returns to Leicester
Redcar event cancelled
Redcar the venue for Bonanza 10 on 7th October
Danny and Bjarne sign up
Thursday 18th January 2018
by Mike Hunter
Two more big names have been announced for what Paul Ackroyd and Ged Rathbone are determined will be the best Ben Fund Bonanza for a long time, at Peterborough on 18th March.
This week's duo are 2016 British Champion Danny King and Bjarne Pedersen, coming across specially for his fifth Bonanza even though he isn't in UK action this year.

UK star Danny King could not quite recall how many times he has ridden (in fact this will be the sixth time) but he said "I know I haven't missed many in recent times.

"100% it's a good meeting to do, it's one of these meetings that's for a great cause and it's helped many riders over the years. I think it's fantastic that it is the first meeting of the year which means it should pull in a great crowd, which is what it deserves, and it generally gets a good field.

"It's at Peterborough, a local track to me so it would be nice to win especially with some friends and family about.”

Danny was injured right at the death of the 2017 season during the Championship Final. "I ended up breaking my wrist, and Paul was great, he offered help straight away which was really kind of him."

He has had a good winter getting fixed up with his same two clubs Ipswich and Leicester for the forthcoming season. "That's what I wanted, by the end of the year I knew I wanted to stay at both clubs and I'm very pleased that was the outcome in the end.

"The fixed race days is something which was needed a long time ago, it's great for the sport that they've decided to do it. It's no good for the fans having to turn up to meetings having to watch patched up teams because riders are riding elsewhere."

Arranging his own participation Bjarne Pedersen commented "The Ben Fund is a fantastic organisation in looking after injured riders. I am in awe of what they achieve."

The three riders named join Kenneth Bjerre and Hans Andersen, Scott Nicholls, Chris Harris and Ben Barker as the field takes shape.

Paul Ackroyd added some other points to look out for this year. He said "Ged Rathbone will be contacting all teams to invite them to put up their own stall for advertising their clubs and selling their memorabilia. Not only that but all club mascots will be invited along to take part in a race!"

There will be a special appearance by former Coventry and Scunthorpe rider of the seventies, Tony Gillias, who has also been mayor of Rugby and Chairman of the Speedway Control Board – a unique career. Tony will turn out on his JAP machine for a 4-lap ride.

And the riders competing in the event will be doing a bit more on the day – in groups of four they will take turns at the entrance to the Showground, greeting the fans as they arrive with opportunities for photos and autographs.

There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities for this year's Bonanza – Riders, Heats, Fuel, Tyres and Meeting sponsorship. Taking charge of that aspect of the tenth Bonanza will be Stephanie Babb, well known for regular involvement with riders' Testimonials and available on 07901 976912. You can also email admin@srbf.co.uk to get involved.

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