Ben Barker

Danny King

Scott Nicholls

Tom Brennan

"For me when I crashed the Ben Fund was a huge part of my recovery. There's lots of things that supporters don't necessarily see or think of when we get injured and with my injury being a long process for recovery it puts you in a hard position.

"When I broke my leg I was out of racing for the majority of the season but just like any job there's consequences of that. I had to build two new bikes for the 2020 season but obviously had nothing to fund that so would have really struggled if it wasn't for the donations of fans and funding for the Ben Fund.

"It also from the non-financial side shows you how much of a community speedway is and keeps you involved with the sport while you're away from it. While I was still in hospital with the complications of my leg, a collection was organised at not just Eastbourne but elsewhere too which would help me out and it really opens your eyes seeing all the support when you're laid in a hospital bed staring at the same four walls.

"The effort from everyone involved with the Ben Fund really is remarkable and the donations from the fans too. Without the help of the Ben Fund who even knows if I'd have still been in the sport 18 months later. It really is an incredible set up and should 100% be supported by everyone in Speedway."