The Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund was formed on 26 September 1947; it's object being the benefit of speedway riders and former speedway riders and/or their dependants by way of grants, loans, educational fees or otherwise as the Trustees may deem fit and proper in deserving cases.

While the Ben Fund Bonanza relies on a huge number of volunteers and helpers, here we introduce you to just a few of the key figures involved not just in the meeting itself but with other fundraising and organisational activities throughout the year.

Paul Ackroyd

Paul Ackroyd Chairman

Former speedway referee, took over from Bernard Crapper as SRBF Secretary and Treasurer, now Chairman. Ben Fund Bonanza originator.

Stephanie Babb

Stephanie Babb Secretary/Treasurer

Took over the SRBF Secretary/Treasurer role in 2018. Knows speedway inside out and has a medical background.

Tony Noel

Tony Noel Trustee

Former trials and scrambles rider. Served for 11 years on FIM duties and became Chairman of SRBF with Bernard Crapper. Retired as Chairman two years ago but remains a Trustee.

Alex Harkess

Alex Harkess Trustee

SRBF Trustee, Edinburgh promoter and Chairman, former SCB Director and Chairman of the BSPA for several years. Current BSPA President.

Chris Van Straaten

Chris Van Straaten Trustee

SRBF Trustee, Wolverhampton promoter with interest in other tracks, former Chairman of BSPA for several season. Current SCB Director.

Kenny McKinna

Kenny McKinna Trustee

SRBF Trustee, speedway star for 20 years (1979-1998) riding for Glasgow, Middlesbrough, Belle Vue and Edinburgh.


Gill Ackroyd

Gill provides vital support in all aspects to husband and SRBF Chairman Paul.

Maureen Dowling

Maureen and her husband (former referee Dave) support the Bonanza every year providing trophies and other assistance.

Paul & Gillian Guest

Got involved with the SRBF with Bernard Crapper and have remained loyal supporters for over 15 years. Long time supporters of Oxford Speedway.

Hilary Peasley

Long time Oxford supporter who got involved with the SRBF with Bernard Crapper and has remained assisting with track collections ever since.

Rob Peasley

Long time Oxford supporter, got involved with the SRBF with Bernard Crapper. Involved with the Save Oxford Speedway group and writes articles for Backtrack Magazine.

Neil Southam

Neil will be Clerk of the Course this year at Mildenhall Speedway following a year of training.

Rowena Howarth

Rowena spent 30 years at NatWest bank before discovering speedway around 15 years ago.

Joe Appleton

Responsible for all SRBF PR and editor of the Ben Fund Bonaza programme. A new member of the team who also works for a number of clubs across the season.

Allan McDade

Former Glasgow junior, father to ex-rider Cal, worked on marketing speedway and training schools. His graphic design talents were 'volunteered' by Kenny McKinna when Paul Ackroyd took over.

Hayley Bromley

Joins the team as Social Media Manager, bringing expertise from her time with Belle Vue.

Graeme Campbell

A life-long Edinburgh fan, responsible for bringing the new website to life.