Ben Fund Bonanza 2009

The first Ben Fund Bonanza was in some ways the most important simply because the idea was a new one and Paul plus his organising team didn't quite know what to expect.

There had been support from some of the World's best riders headed by Jason Crump, Leigh Adams and Freddie Lindgren and a good crowd crammed into Owlerton, a great venue for the first meeting from many points of view.

The main event was augmented by both Blast from the Past and Britain's Got Talent, from which we can see that Kyle Howarth in particular has emerged as a current league rider of quality.

Home man Ricky Ashworth got in amongst the big boys with a dozen points and there was some excellent racing as their generally is at Sheffield.


Rider Points
Leigh Adams 14
Ricky Ashworth 12
Josh Auty 3
Ben Barker 10
Andre Compton 7
Jason Crump 13
Kevin Doolan 6
Richard Hall 5
Rider Points
Edward Kennett 4
Frederick Lindgren 9
Jason Lyons 1
Scott Nicholls 7
Kauko Nieminen 5
Filip Sitera 5
Davey Watt 7
Tai Woffinden 13