Ben Fund Bonanza 2010

Once again a great day and a great crowd at Hoddesdon (the current BFB record) where Nicky Pedersen came in alongside Crump, Adams and Lindgren once more.

Nicki might have wished he was somewhere else as he was knocked into the fence at the end of heat 1, but after some repairs to his posterior he was back on the trail to great effect.

The Blast from the Past boys turned out again and we tried out a new format for the event in order to pack in as many of the riders who wanted to compete – 20 in the main event. It proved to be a success and has been used last year and this.

Krzysztof Kasprzak proved what a fine rider he can be on his good days by grabbing second spot behind the mighty Pedersen.


Rider Points
Leigh Adams 4
Ben Barker 7
Viktor Bergstrom 1
Jason Crump 11
Kevin Doolan 4
Steve Johnston 7
Krzysztof Kasprzak 11
Edward Kennett 10
Rider Points
Danny King 6
Niels Kristian Iversen 5
Frederick Lindgren 10
Chris Neath 7
Scott Nicholls 5
Nicki Pedersen 12
Rory Schlein 6
Adam Shields 3
Filip Sitera 4
Tomas Topinka 0
Craig Watson 3
Tai Woffinden 4