Ben Fund Bonanza 2012

The fourth Ben Fund Bonanza was held at Birmingham Speedway on 11th March 2012. It was obviously an ideal venue from the point of view of accessibility, and the field was a strong one with former World Champion Nicki Pedersen, Elite Riders' Champion Rory Schlein, GP stars Hans Andersen, Chris Harris and Niels Kristian Iversen plus new Brummie number one Bjarne Pedersen and his exciting young team mates Ben Barker, Danny King and Josh Auty.

There's no doubt that the Perry Barr event provided the best racing ever in the BFB, and it is a matter of regret that no-one was able to video the meeting. There were a number of sensational overtakes as the riders really got stuck in on what is a top circuit.

There was a classic between Harris and Schlein, a memorable pass by Harris later on against Nicki Pedersen, and some great work from Josh Auty who as usual was missing the gate.

Rory Schlein finished the qualifying races with a last bend move to take Nicki Pedersen. That meant Harris and home man Danny King were in the Final, while in the semi Nicki Pedersen made it through along with Ben Barker, Schlein and Auty missing out.

Harris was again chasing in the final and got very close to coming through to the front, but to the delight of the Brummies fans as well as the man himself, Ben Barker took the fourth Ben Fund Bonanza title.


Rider Points
Hans Andersen 5
Josh Auty 9
Ben Barker 9
Kenneth Bjerre 8
Ryan Fisher 6
Richard Hall 3
Chris Harris 10
Patrick Hougaard 4
Rider Points
Danny King 11
Nicolai Klindt 3
Niels Kristian Iversen 6
Bjarne Pedersen 8
Nicki Pedersen 9
Ty Proctor 4
Lee Richardson 5
Adam Roynon 2
Rory Schlein 10
Adam Shields 4
Lukas Sowka 1
Andrew Tully 2