Ben Fund Bonanza 2019

Organising these events has never been easy for a variety of reasons, and in 2018 we had two failed attempts to stage the tenth Bonanza. The pre-season meeting at Peterborough was called off early due to terrible weather, and a late season meeting at Redcar was then cancelled due to a lack of suitable riders for the event.

Therefore it was a relief when we did stage BFB 10 at Leicester on 17th March 2019. Leicester thus became the first venue to stage two Bonanzas with an individual event which opened the season.

It got off to a slow start with Nick Morris injured in the opening race (he missed quite a few weeks of the season) and Josh Auty also being an early withdrawal. However things settled down to provide some entertaining racing.

The three riders who eMerged to go straight to the final were Scott Nicholls (13), Danny King (12, unbeaten after a tapes exclusion) and Charles Wright (12). The other position went to the winner of the semi-final which was Sam Masters, heading home Steve Worrall, Ryan Douglas and Josh Bates who had been one of the main entertainers on the day.

Scott Nicholls won the meeting with a brave ride, even though he got into difficulties on lap 3.


Rider Points
Kasper Andersen 6
Josh Auty 0
Ben Barker 12
Josh Bates 11
Ryan Douglas 9
Zane Kennedy 5
Lewis Kerr 6
Danny King 12
Rider Points
Jedd List 2
Sam Masters 10
Nick Morris 0
Connor Mountain 4
Scott Nicholls 13
Ulrich Ostergaard 3
Ellis Perks 4
Paul Starke 8
Richie Worrall 9
Charles Wright 12