Ben Fund Bonanza 2020

The eleventh Bonanza proved to be the last senior meeting held in the UK prior to the Coronavirus lockdown - events developed very quickly over the weekend but the meeting went ahead on the Saturday night.

We didn't get to see Danish newcomer Andreas Jensen due to travel problems from Scandinavia due to the virus, but otherwise the field was as programmed.

Track conditions were on the slick side but as always at Scunthorpe there were quite a few overtaking moves, with the boldest of the riders finding chances to pass on the very wide line. Results were unpredictable at times but eventually the best men came to the fore. Danny King (13), Steve Worrall and Lewis Kerr (12) were the trio who went through to the final with Josh Auty qualifying via the semi. All of these riders rode impressively.

King had bagged the outside gate which, not unusually at Scunthorpe, was the best one and he duly swept to victory.


Rider Points
Tero Aarnio 7
Kasper Andersen 7
Josh Auty 11
Tom Bacon 4
Ben Barker 13
Thomas Jorgensen 11
Lewis Kerr 12
Danny King 13
Rider Points
Simon Lambert 3
Connor Mountain 4
Anders Rowe 6
James Sarjeant 5
Paul Starke 0
Aaron Summers 9
Steve Worrall 11
James Wright 9