Track Collections 2021

Each year, every club in the UK holds a collection for Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund. During the match, racing will take a short break and riders from both teams will walk the terraces with donation buckets.

So far this season, each Club has raised the following funds.


Belle Vue £2,023.00
Ipswich £1,868.00
King's Lynn £965.00
Peterborough £1,220.00
Sheffield £1,099.00
Wolverhampton £874.00


Berwick £1,920.00
Birmingham £653.00
Edinburgh £1,700.00
Glasgow £1,035.00
Kent £1,838.00
Leicester £1,465.00
Newcastle £436.00
Plymouth £846.00
Poole £1,335.00
Redcar £1,241.00
Scunthorpe £1,226.00

National League

Mildenhall £1,000.00

Shared Event Collections

At each of the national Shared Events, SRBF fund raisers attend to gather funds.

Shared Events

British Final at Belle Vue £1,200.29
Championship Fours at Peterborough £1,858.00
Championship Pairs at Somerset £1,060.19
Championship Riders Individual at Sheffield £766.00
National League Fours at Stoke £807.00
National League Pairs at Sheffield £656.66