Track Collections

Each year, every club in the UK holds a collection for Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund. During the match, racing will take a short break and riders from both teams will walk the terraces with donation buckets.

This season, collections are scheduled to take place on the following dates, of if they've already passed, have raised the following funds.


Belle Vue £1,507.39
Ipswich £2,331.93
King's Lynn £504.00
Peterborough £630.50
Sheffield £1,172.00
Swindon £1,770.81
Wolverhampton £900.26


Berwick £1,375.00
Birmingham £915.67
Eastbourne £1,498.59
Edinburgh £1,405.18
Glasgow £1,475.90
Kent £1,309.06
Leicester £1,468.73
Newcastle £722.69
Poole £890.00
Redcar £607.91
Scunthorpe £1,095.71
Somerset £1,076.98

National League

Cradley £495.65
Isle of Wight £460.00
Mildenhall £705.00
Plymouth £277.16
Stoke £286.62

Shared Event Collections

At each of the national Shared Events, SRBF fund raisers attend to gather funds.

Shared Events

British Final at Belle Vue £1,200.29
Championship Fours at Peterborough £1,858.00
Championship Pairs at Somerset £1,060.19
Championship Riders Individual at Sheffield £766.00
National League Fours at Stoke £807.00
National League Pairs at Sheffield £656.66