Redcar Management to run from Edinburgh to Plymouth

Fundraising Sunday 1st November 2020, 12:30pm

by PR Team

Redcar Bears promoters Jitendra Duffill, Jade Mudgway and Jamie Swales are joining together for an incredible challenge to raise funds for the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund.

The challenge will see them run the 780km distance between British Speedway's two outlying clubs, Edinburgh and Plymouth, in just 54 days.

They are set to embark upon the challenge on November 1st and run an average of 5km every day until Christmas Day.

The trio are aiming to raise a minimum of £2000 for the Benevolent Fund.

Duffill commented "2020 has seen a huge drop in donations due to the cancellation of the British Speedway season because of Covid-19.

"The reason for this is that most of the SRBF's income is generated by track collections - as a result of no collections being made this year, there is a significant shortfall in funds with less than £17,000 of the SRBF's £100,000 annual expenditure being raised to date."

In a year which was seen contributions fall dramatically, the Fund is extremely grateful to hear of the new fundraiser.

You can join in and sponsor the fundraiser over on Just Giving.

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