SRBF Features in Eastbourne's Flying High

Latest News Monday 19th April 2021, 4:43pm

by PR Team

The Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund is proudly featured in the latest edition of Eastbourne's online magazine - Flying high.

The article features the latest on how the Benevolent Fund coped throughout the pandemic so far.

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The article featured three recipients of support from the Benevolent Fund, Steve Weatherley, Lewi Kerr and Tom Brenan.

STEVE WEATHERLEY, who was paralysed in 1979 while riding for Eastbourne at Hackney in a crash with claimed the life of Vic Harding:

"I have got nothing but praise for Paul and the BEN fund. They make our lives much more comfortable. If you need something, you don't feel awkward about it. They are very proactive which is hugely appreciated.

"They are like a big brother looking after you all the time. It has become more relaxed. I used to feel a little bit of a burden if you needed something and thought perhaps I don't need it, someone else might need it more but now it is completely different.

"It has made a big difference in my life. We go to the Bonanza meetings and

are made to feel really special. We are encouraged to attend and made to feel like celebrities and are treated like VIPs. It makes you feel still part of Speedway."

LEWI KERR, who was flown to hospital by air ambulance after a terrible crash at Peterborough in the Fours. Since then Lewi has raised thousands of pounds for the fund with a golf day on a course near his West Norfolk home. He is hopeful of being able to stage the event again this year in the autumn.

"I have had my fair share of injuries and they have always been there for me.

"When I had my head injury at Peterborough, by the time I got to hospital and Jessie (wife) arrived, the fund had called my wife straight away and were unbelievable.

"They sent money instantly. That's why I do my golf day, I like to give something back."

TOM BRENNAN, who was severely injured at Arlington part way through the 2019 season: "The effort from everyone involved with the Ben Fund really is remarkable and the donations from the fans too. Without the help of the Ben Fund who even knows if I'd have still been in the sport 18 months later. It really is an incredible set up and should 100% be supported by everyone in Speedway."