100 Donuts For Dough

Latest News Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 12:25pm

by Hayley Bromley

FORMER Speedway ace Aidan Collins, founder of the popular Ride and Skid It experience day at Buxton, was zapped by a spark of fundraising inspiration thanks to Captain Sir Tom Moore.

In conjunction with the British hero's 100th Birthday Challenge, on May 22, he and close friend James Woodroffe attempted to complete 100 continuous donuts to help raise money for two very good causes.

Oliver Brindley is a 22-year-old former Flat Track racer whose dreams of chasing world championship glory were shattered in a track crash in the 2019 season finale in New Jersey, USA.

He suffered multiple injuries, including fractures and severe head trauma that left him in a coma for several weeks, and is now having to learn to walk and talk.

Similarly, popular Speedway staple Ricky Ashworth saw his glittering career prematurely brought to an end after a devastating accident at Scunthorpe in 2013.

He suffered brain damage and was plunged into a coma for 91 days before he regained consciousness, and is now permanently disabled for the rest of his life.

Aidan said: "Both Oliver and Ricky are good friends of mine and their respective plights really got me thinking, especially with everything that has gone on with the pandemic.

"I really wanted to do something that would help them out once everything died down, and that's when another friend of mine, James, got involved.

"He is a TV producer who has actually worked with Captain Sir Tom Moore, and Sir Tom was someone who knew about Speedway so we thought that was a brilliant connection.

"So we had a think about what we could do and after a while we came up with the 100 Donut Challenge on a Speedway and Flat Track bike to tie in with Captain Sir Tom's 100th birthday.

"When we took the idea to Oliver and Ricky they were supportive, but Ricky was adamant that any money we raised for him should be donated to the Ben Fund, which was an amazing gesture.

"It was a very tiring experience but well worth it once we had finished because we managed to raise roughly £2000, which will be split evenly between Oliver's recovery fund and the Ben Fund.

"I'm sure we must have set an unofficial world record doing 100 continuous donuts but I'd be happy to do it all again for a good cause, and I know the Brindley and Ashworth families were made up."

If you'd fancy having a skid on a Speedway bike at the Ride and Skid It experience, head over to their Facebook page for more information.