Mitchell's Northern Tour

Latest News Thursday 8th July 2021, 6:17pm

by Hayley Bromley

Former Speedway rider Mitchell Davey is just days away from undertaking his Northern Tour charity bike ride to help raise money for the Speedway Rider's Benevolent Fund.

The 31-year-old will set out on Saturday, July 10 and will cycle approximately 120 miles from Glasgow to Berwick, via Edinburgh on his quest to say thank you to the charity for all the help they have offered him.

He will begin his journey at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium, making his way to the Armadale Stadium before arriving at the Shielfield Park Stadium in time for the Bandits' clash against the Monarchs.

Davey is no stranger to injury, but his worst accident came in 2018 and prompted his retirement from the sport for the good of his ongoing health and fitness.

A four-man pile up at Birmingham left him in intensive care with a punctured lung, several chipped vertebrae, a broken shoulder blade and 12 broken ribs.

The Ben Fund immediately stepped in to offer him and his family financial and emotional support, amongst other things, and now he is determined to repay them through his fundraiser.

On what inspired him to choose the route, Mitchell said: "I live up in Glasgow and all three of these clubs – Glasgow, Edinburgh and Berwick - are clubs that I've ridden for in the past.

"I've always felt I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to Paul [Ackroyd] and everyone at the Ben Fund ever since I had my accident.

"It's been three years since then and in that time, I'd noticed the difference in my fitness especially when I was out walking my dog.

"So that's what first got me thinking about getting back into my cycling and that evolved into the charity bike ride idea."

It's for this reason that Mitchell Davey's efforts on July 10, like the efforts of his fellow sportsmen, are more than just a fundraiser; it is the best way, he feels, he can say thank you.

"For everything the Ben Fund did for me and my family in those times of need, I don't think I can ever pay them back, and I can't describe in words just how grateful I am," he said.

"They are the unsung heroes who never hesitate to help injured riders, and riders absolutely do value them for all of the work they do.

"For me, this charity bike ride is the least I can do to try and raise as much money as possible. 2020 was a tough year for everyone, but the Ben Fund has taken a big hit.

"With the season cancelled, they didn't have the kind of donations they would normally get on an annual basis, but they still had commitments to riders who require long-term care.

"I've already hit my £1500 target but if I can raise even more then that would be amazing, and I would ask anyone who hasn't donated to please give something if you can.

"The Benevolent Fund exists solely on the donations of the Speedway-going public, all their staff are volunteers so 100 percent of everything raised goes towards helping injured riders."

If you would like to donate to towards Mitchell's charity bike ride in aid of the Ben Fund on July 10, you can do so here: