Poland Helps Swell The Funds

Latest News Monday 6th December 2021, 9:27am

by Hayley Bromley

It's not only British fans who are helping swell the funds.

Lukasz Malaka, who helps run the Polish website po-bandzie.com.pl, has co-written a book Pobandzie Talks. He is publishing an English version that will also benefit the SRBF.

Lukasz said: "The English version of Pobandzie Talks is one of a kind and includes most fascinating interviews about speedway. The fans in Poland liked the book and we are hoping for the same response in England.

"There are interviews with current and former speedway stars like Erik Gundersen, Sam Ermolenko, Artem Laguta, Emil Sayfutdinov and many more. It includes the last interview with Hackney legend Zenon Plech and is a great read for the winter evenings or as a Christmas present for a speedway fan.

"It's full of stories you will not read anywhere else and sold out within two weeks. Part of the profits in Poland went to the PZM Foundation that helps polish speedway riders and it was only natural to do something similar with 20 percent of sales of the British version going to the Ben Fund."

The book's pre-order price is £16 plus £8 shipping and the first copies will be dispatched on December 6. Contact redakcja@po-bandzie.com.pl. Further enquiries to Lukasz.malaka@po-bandzie.com.pl.