WSRA Supports The Ben Fund Bonanza

Latest News Tuesday 22nd March 2022, 9:37am

by Hayley Bromley

The World Speedway Riders' Association is sponsoring the Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund meeting at Peterborough on Sunday March 27 with tyres for the riders; fuel and oil; medical cover; and fork covers for the bikes.

The fork cover initiative is the brainchild of WSRA trustee Karl Fiala, who will oversee the auction of the covers as soon as the meeting is over.

He said: " The fork covers will be collected at the conclusion of the meeting and then put up for auction, with the proceeds going to the Benevolent Fund."

There has already been interest in the fork covers from collectors who, due to their geographic location, will be unable to attend the meeting but for them, all is not lost.

From now until the meeting, Fiala will accept bids for the fork covers. This is how it will work. Each fork cover will have a reserve price of £35 and bidders can contact Fiala by Messenger or email and place their bid for a specific rider's fork cover, stating the maximum amount they are prepared to go to.

For example, if you bid £40 for a particular fork cover you can, if you wish, inform Fiala that the maximum you are prepared to go to is £60 should your original bid be beaten. If you do this, he will inform you of the current bidding situation.

Each fork cover will be signed, but the meeting winner, runner-up and third placed man will countersign each other's fork cover, so successful bidders for the fork covers used by the top three will earn themselves a bonus.

Fiala added: "These fork covers carry the WSRA logo and will instantly become a collector's item. It is a novel way in which the Ben Fund will be the beneficiary."

The competing riders are:

1 Ben Barker; 2 Ulrich Ostergaard; 3 Sam Masters; 4 Nick Morris; 5 Danny King; 6 Thomas Jorgensen; 7 Tom Brennan; 8 Ryan Douglas; 9 Scott Nicholls; 10 Kyle Howarth; 11 Josh Auty; 12 Paul Starke; 13 Charles Wright; 14 Anders Row; 15 Simon Lambert; 16 Lewis Kerr

Send your bid to Fiala via Messenger or email it to him at: